Providing free nature outings and adventures to youth who would other wise not have such opportunities, Boulder Valley ICO is entirely volunteer run.

See our new website for more information on our program.


Boulder Valley Inner City Outings (BVICO) is a Sierra Club program that provides free nature outings to children (and adults) who would not otherwise have these opportunities. In Boulder, we take participants backpacking, hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, camping, mountain biking, skiing, canoeing, etc. We also run a water sampling and fly fishing program in partnership with the Sierra Club’s Water Sentinels program and Trout Unlimited. And our Compass Youth Leadership program teaches more advanced outdoor leadership skills, critical thinking skills, the basics of environmental stewardship, and basic earth and life science to kids with leadership potential.

While there has been an ICO presence in Boulder for some time, it has largely been as a satellite to the ICO program in Denver. Now, in partnership with the Indian Peaks Group, Boulder Valley ICO will serve the Boulder County area as an independent entity, focusing on outings that place children in intimate contact with nature such that they will have an opportunity to build a lifelong understanding of and appreciation for wild places.

If you would like to volunteer with Boulder Valley ICO, send an email to Volunteering with ICO is hugely rewarding and lots of fun.